Our team

Claude Lajoie: President and Recruitment Expert

As a management consultant and business guru, Claude focuses on all activities relating to talent acquisition and development. Claude believes there is a direct correlation between a candidate’s fit for a given position and his/her short- and long-term success within that company.

Having worked both as a solo manager and alongside colleagues within management teams, Claude leverages his experience to create credible, tailored content for candidate recruitment and selection.


  • Since 1996, he has consulted in the areas of hire value management, recruitment, workplace attendance management, coaching, and the assessment of applicants to leadership positions.
  • During the twelve previous years, Claude gained experience in EAP implementation, coaching, mediation, training delivery and conference provision for numerous businesses in Ontario, Atlantic Canada, the Western provinces, Quebec and the United States.
  • He also spent twelve years as an internal consultant and leader at Alcan Smelters and Chemicals Limited (Rio Tinto Alcan) in the areas of HR training and development, and Organization, staffing and labour relations, where he supported managers in hiring and promotion decisions.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) with specialization in HR Management, HEC.
  • Bachelor in Psychology (BA), with a concentration in psychometric assessment and psychometrics, Université du Québec à Montréal.
  • Core program in Neuro-Linguistic Programming offered by the Centre PNL-JR and training in motivational interview techniques.
  • Specialist in Organizational Development (PSOD) program at the National Training Laboratory and Michigan University.
  • Intensive workshops through a network of psychology and HR management professionals:
  • Mediation and conflict management – MBTI and IPP psychometric assessments
  • Solution-oriented communications (regarding harassment) – Labour Standards Act
  • Psychological conditions: better understanding for better intervention
  • Identification and management of “difficult” personalities
  • Member of Psychometrics Canada (817403), Wonderlic Testing “WPT” (3771110) Analys “ADO”, Emploi Québec (0011493)

Louise Girard: Leader, Accounting and Information Systems

Having completed training in accounting and management, Louise focuses on sharing relevant information on the recruitment process.
She has acquired over 20 years’ experience in medical, manufacturing and paragovernmental sectors.

Véronique Allard: Leader, Recruitment and Assessment

Véronique’s experience in the areas of candidate searches and pre-selection is a key asset for clients.
Her entrepreneurial experience, drive and networking ability enable her to quickly discover candidates’ true potential.